My Last Letter To My Father Oedipus

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My father, King Minos was a cruel man and I’ve always been ashamed of being his daughter. Every ruler feared him because he was powerful and they will agree whenever my father asked for something. My father loved to demand the rulers of the lands around to send him tributes to honor him, and they would do it without any doubt because that way my father would not declare war on them. For me, that was disgusting and so embarrassing for he had no heart. The Athens were not safe and my father’s demands were becoming too much for them.
My father built a great palace for us. It was beautiful and it had everything someone could ever ask for. But, inside the palace, he built a Labyrinth and at the center he kept a horrible and terrifying monster named Minotaur. The Minotaur was half man and half animal.
The Minotaur was savage, strong and huge. He would only eat the flesh of the human that were brought from the Athens as tributes to my father. The poor young men and women would go through the dark Labyrinth, lost and confused until they came across with the Minotaur, knowing it was going to be their last breath.
My father loved to humiliate others,
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I couldn’t stop looking at him even if I tried. It was my time to do something good for the innocent and save them from my father’s malevolent plans, so I chose to help Theseus to make his way back from the labyrinth. Theseus was walking the labyrinth, but I was waiting for the most opportune moment to help him. When the guards walked away, I mumbled Theseus name. He stood still and looked at me confused, so I looked into his eyes and gave him a ball of string. I told him that even if he killed Minotaur he wouldn’t make his way out of the labyrinth. Only my father and I knew how to go in and out of the labyrinth. I tied one end to the entrance of the labyrinth and he began to walk deeper into the labyrinth. He looked at me with a smile on his

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