What Is The Importance Of Smile Essay

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I. Do you know that, children smile 400 times a day? But guess what, more than one third of us only smile about 20 times a day, whilst less than 14% of us smile only less than 5 times a day. Can you imagine how stressful are we compare to a child? In fact, being around children who smile so frequently actually can make you smile more often.
II. According to this class, 100% of you agreed that smiling does in fact make your day better, whether it may be a lot better, or only slightly better.
a. But how many of you here do really know the importance of your smile and made it a habit whenever you talk just like how Ms Cardoza always use to practice during all her lessons.
b. Did you find that she is more genial and more sincere compare to some
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I. According to Wayne State University’s research on the pre-1950s baseball cards of major league players, the longer the span of a player’s smile, the longer the player could live. Players, who didn’t smile in the pictures, live an average of 72.9 years, where players with beaming smile live an average of almost 80 years.

a. Smiling can make us feel better by stimulating our brain reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate, a well regarded pleasure inducer cannot match.
i. British researcher has found that one smile is as stimulating as receiving up to 16000 pounds sterling in cash.
b. Smiling can actually make you look good in the eyes of others. Research found that when you smile, you don’t only appear to be more likeable, but also appear to be more competent.
c. Smiling can even make us a lot healthier. Smiling helps to strengthen your immune system by making your body to produce more white blood cells. Smiling also helps your body to release the body’s natural painkiller endorphins. When you smile, there is even a measurable reduction in your blood pressure and lower heart rate. So now we know the secret of why happy people have a longer life
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So next time, when you are stressed over your work, you might try to force yourself to smile for a minute or so.


IV. If you still think that by giving a frowning and serious face makes yourself look cooler, then I shall now share with you one of the disadvantage of not smiling.
a. The opposite of smiling is by pulling both corners of the mouth downward to show the Down-Mouth expression, and usually this is done by a person who feels depressed, unhappy or tense which give others an impression that this guy looks very serious.
b. Unfortunately, if you do not change your habit of giving a Down-Mouth expression, the corners of your mouth will eventually turn into a permanent down position.
i. They can even give a person an appearance similar to a bulldog! ii. Studies show that we stand further away from people who have this kind of expression, give them less eye contact and avoid them when they are walking towards us.
c. If you realized that the Down-Mouth has crept onto your face, it’s never too late to start practicing your smile today, which will not only avoid you from being look like an angry bulldog in later life, but will make you feel more positive.

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