What Is The Importance Of Classroom Lighting In The Classroom

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time. Colors of the furniture should always be black, blue, red, or brown. This compliments the classroom and makes it looks more professional place for education. Materials used for schools must always be longer lasting, durable and help in saving the extra money (2011, para 5). In addition, students lounge is important also. because it is the place where students have their break, work, eat, communicate, relaxing, studying. The lounge is a comfortable open area for gathering, it is equipped with comfortable furniture, TV's, and a magazine swap table. Cushioned sofas and pillows are comfortable for gathering and studying. Bright colors also gives energy for studying. Tables betters be glazed wood (2015, para. 8). Of course it should have …show more content…
The effect of lighting is in part dependent on the situation, the task at hand, and the specific environment. Classroom lighting conditions in schools affect student’s concentration, while the importance of various aspects of learning environments, such as materials, learning tasks, feedback, time on task, feedback, and teachers’ instructional behavior, systematic empirical research into the influence of physical aspects of students’ learning environment, such as lighting, is limited. Positive effects were found for brighter lighting compared to standard lighting, on the reading, writing and mathematics of schools. Besides the effects of luminance, studies also indicate positive effects of lighting of different on various psychological, physical and performance outcomes of students (2014, para. …show more content…
Also materials better be durable, sustainable, resistant and untiscratching in high traffic areas, also preferably to be green materials
. 3.3.5 Fire safety:
Safety tips:
• Fire drills must be held at least once a month while school is in session.
• Principals, teachers and other school staff must inspect all exits daily to ensure that all stairways, doors and other exits are working properly and be sure that they are unblocked.
• On the day of the drill, the emergency drill alarm should be sounded on the school fire alarm system.
• Teachers, officials and staff should be familiar with the school's fire protection system, including the location of fire alarm pull stations and sprinklers.
• Every room in the school should have a map posted identifying two ways out.
• On the day of the fire drill, everyone should participate.
• Students with specific needs should be assigned an adult or a student buddy to assist them.
• It's important to make sure that students leave the building as quickly as possible.
• When everyone has safely exited the building, they should remain outside at a predetermined location until the it's all clear sigh has been given to reenter

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