What Is The 'Don' T Blame The Eater?

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The obesity epidemic in the United States is increasing by day and has become a huge problem because so many people are now obese. Being obese can cause all kinds of problems for the human body. Obesity occurs by eating too much food or eating too much of the wrong foods. All fast food companies make food that is extremely fattening and extremely unhealthy. They don’t really take in consideration what this food does to the people eating it. The food industries are producing ads and commercials to make their unhealthy, fattening foods look delicious and people buy it because it “tastes good”. The goal of the food industry is to make the consumers buy their product no matter how unhealthy it may be and it is all so they can make money. At this …show more content…
In the article “Don’t Blame the Eater”, by David Zinczenko, who was the editor in chief of Men’s Health fitness magazine and is the president of Galvanized Brands, states, “There are no calorie information charts on fast food packaging… Advertisements don’t carry warning labels…..” (463). When we walk into a fast food restaurant, we see a menu of what the restaurant has, but we don’t see a sign where it tells us how much calories, fat, carbs or sugar the product contains. Some fast food places have a little chart pinned to wall, but they are so hard to understand that no one really pays attention to them. They reason behind all this is that if consumers really knew what their products contained they will be out of business, but this will never happen due to the ads, commercials, prices of the food, and power that the food companies have. The purpose for all businesses is to make money, to make a profit. Fast food companies are making their profit by selling consumers fattening and unhealthy food. Everyone has their own ways of making money, but fast food companies have not yet grasped the right way

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