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What is the Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament?


Before the gospels and Pauline epistles, early church Christians related to the Old Testament as Scripture and viewed their Christian walk as the fulfillment of the promises made to Israel from the Old Testament, which foretold of the coming age of the Messiah. The first New Testament Christians understood the importance of the Old Testament; it was their “Bible” they preached from. Just as in the early church, Christians today need the Old Testament for preaching and in which to reference and understand Christ’s purpose for why he came.

Consider some of Jesus' most pertinent statements regarding the Law and the Prophets.

Jesus summarized the Law
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He takes the position that the Mosaic Law and any other definition of law in Scripture is under the “umbrella” of God’s Eternal Law. This eternal law, which surpasses all others, is as eternal as God himself. According to Schmidtbleicher, we are not under the external Mosaic Law any more, but under the New Testament Internal-Spirit led law. If Schmidtbleicher is right then it would seem that what Jesus spoke in Matthew 22:37-40 coincides with this thinking.


Having a perspective of Jesus Christ from the Old Testament benefits our Christian progress and preaching as Sidney Greidanus states, “Since the New Testament implies that the Old Testament bears witness to Jesus Christ, we can preach Jesus from the Old Testament with hermeneutical integrity.” If we are to have a relationship with Christ and Christ himself shows us his relationship with the Old Testament then it displays the importance the Old Testament applies to our Christian walk.


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