Black Belts Case Study Essay

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The overall project, once completed, would help the company to quantify smells and tastes in a meaningful manner, increasing standardization of the process and enhancing the use of data and statistical measures for use by the company. The evidence showed that the company was trying to compete in the smell and taste marketplace. Because of this, they wanted to improve their measurement system that was used to measure taste and smell. Additionally, in the define phase, they have mentioned their failure to understand the voice of the customer and their focus on the wrong CTQs. Those were the main sources of failure for the company and the reason for this project. Therefore, it seems that they were aware of the data and potential issues when using it in the project. Unfortunately, they still have other steps to complete in order to complete the entire project. Therefore, we cannot say what the results would be …show more content…
We assumed that the champion led the team. However, there is no specific leader, specific assignments for team members, or intel about how they went about the project. The team members seem to have an understanding of the process, but from the evidence given, this cannot be verified. For instance, the team did not mention about how they managed the data in the “measure phase” to speed up the process. They did show however, that they did not want to be limited to merely the processes of the project and that they were aware of using the right data for the right project. The team seemed to be somewhat engaged in the process, but this could not be seen or evidenced, so we would rate this as low engagement for the current stage of this project. There remains to be other steps that need to be completed and because of that, we are unaware of how they will proceed. Therefore, we cannot make a statement of how well the team is engaged. Hence, the team’s active engagement is

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