What Is Self-Sacrifice?

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Register to read the introduction… Is there any way, in light of the arguments I have presented, that I could have done such an act selflessly or in a fashion of self-sacrifice? I think not. Every action is tied to a chain of events that if predictable, will influence a person’s choice of action. Because humans are endowed with the faculty of empathy, there is no such thing as a selfless act. We are connected with every other being via mechanisms in the brain that are only absent in psychopaths. It could be argued that if a psychopath, incapable of empathy, performed a random act of kindness, it could be considered an authentic act of altruism. I argue that even this psychopath’s action is rooted in a subjective motive, either conscious or unconscious. Perhaps it was to satisfy curiosity, or it was an unconscious biological reflex. Fundamentally, the psychopath’s action was rooted in an inherent and subjective

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