What Is Politics? Why Should We Care About It? Essay example

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Rashel Rafat
What is politics? Why should we care about it? What should be the limits to politics?

Imagine how difficult it is to control and regulate almost every significant aspect of a society’s life, from seemingly trivial topics such as what foods should be allowed to be consumed by constituents to multifaceted issues such as deciding whether society should be allowed to bear arms or how much the nation should be spending on education, defense and other institutions that literally affect our everyday lives. Politics is important because it potentially covers the smallest influential aspects of our lives to the largest. However, just as there are limits to everything, there are limits to politics as well. What one politician believes to be the right path for society, another politician and even society itself may believe it to be erroneous and detrimental to society. There are so many complex aspects of governing a society and the methods used to determine the way which these decisions are made result from the processes of politics working in our daily lives. Politics is a culmination of all the activities and relationships associated with the governance of a country for the instrumental growth in a nation.

Politics can be divided into three types of relationships: The international relationships between states (eg. Russia and the United Kingdom), the relationship between the state and the society (eg. China and it’s citizens), and the relationship between the…

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