What Is Morally Acceptable : Deontology Vs. Utilitarianism Essays

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What is Morally Acceptable: Deontology vs. Utilitarianism
What is considered the right way of doing things? What is the wrong way? These questions are hard to answer. However, two schools of thought have been working to answer these very questions. John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant each have come up with their own way of answering these questions. Kant believes in Deontology, or the thought of serving your duty. Mill believes that Utilitarianism is the answer, or what ever brings the most happiness to the most amounts of people is what is considered good. Through out this paper I will be providing input from each side a scenario where your family is in danger and you have the potential to remove that danger, but with fatal consequences. You are at home one evening with your family, when all of a sudden, a man throws open the door. He’s holding a shotgun in his hands, and he points it directly at your family. It seems he hasn’t seen you yet. You quietly and carefully retrieve the pistol your father keeps in his room for home protection. Are you morally allowed to use the pistol to kill the home invader? Kant and Mill would have very different views about how to respond to such a scenario. According to Kant what is right is doing what is considered our duty. Duty can only be determined through reason itself. Other things like self-interest or God have no place deciding what is ethical. However for Mill, what is right is anything that brings more pleasure than pain. Mill…

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