What Is Hiv / Aids? Essay

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What is HIV/AIDS? HIV/AIDS has been a major problem in society since the 1980’s and it is the most common immunodeficiency disorder. It was primarily discovered in homosexuals who had very low immune systems. (Neighbor & Tannehill-Jones, 2014)
There is a slight difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and it is basically when the person is considered a carrier of the virus. When a person obtains this disease, it can never be rid of it, and therefore, carries the virus for his/her entire life. This virus attacks the T-cells of the body, and when too many T-cells are destroyed, it is considered AIDS. AIDS is the abbreviation for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and it is the final phase of HIV. (AIDS, 2014)
This viral disease is transmitted primarily through the contact with body fluids during sexual intercourse, sharing hypodermic needles, and by the utero during pregnancy. The virus enters through the bloodstream and it does not easily survive in specific temperatures. That is why it can’t be transmitted by kissing, coughing, sneezing, sharing objects, using same toilet seats, urine, feces or water. During sexual intercourse, the virus is transmitted because of the semen and vaginal secretions that carry the virus. It is more likely that men transmit the disease to women because of the women’s vaginal tears. This is the main way the virus is spread because it is estimated that 75% of infected people obtain the disease by…

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