What Is Higher Education Anyway? Essay examples

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What is higher education anyway? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, higher education is “education beyond the secondary level; especially education provided by a college or university.” Today, the argument is whether this higher education should be focused on a more liberal education or a more utilitarian education. A liberal education is often defined as one that is broad and provides knowledge of a variety of subjects. Martin Luther King Jr. was in favor of a liberal education, saying that education has two functions: utility and culture. He said that education must provide critical thinking skills and character in addition to intelligence (King, Martin Luther, Jr, 1947). Ken Bain in What the Best College Students Do, says a broad education helps students make connections and develop creativity. A utilitarian education is one that is specialized and focuses more on skills for a certain career. Proponents of this type of education say that it is far more useful for future success in a career. Indiana University definitely provides a more liberal education. There is a vast array of subjects to explore at Indiana University and general education requirements include different subjects that every student must take a course in. According to the College Board, the cost of tuition and mandatory fees at a four year institution has risen roughly $7,000 for in-state students since 1975 (Cite). Many students have no idea what fees they are paying or what they go to. At…

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