What Is Helping People In Poverty Essay

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Helping Those In Poverty
Twenty one thousand people die from starving a day (hunger and world poverty). That means that Twenty two thousand people died a painful death. Pain has always been know to human beings but pain is not familiar to all humans. Pain can be numbing to a person or it can be dreadful, it takes many different forms, hunger is a form that is most common to people. Food is a necessity to human beings in order to survive. Some people eat three meals a day plus snack, and some of the time people eat so much that there stomach hurts, but that is only half of the world. The other half is starving to death. Through education and humanity helping others because they want to, extreme poverty would no longer be a problem to this earth.
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There are plenty of shelters and programs that are open to those in poverty plus these people live amongst people that have money and food whereas in places around the world such as africa these people in poverty live in places where everyone is in poverty and no way out of it. Most of these places are controlled by fear from gang like groups that make there money from drugs or weapon trading and they get there power from placing fear the people (Packtor). Many of the countries in poverty have no government and have no one fight for them and their own rights to their natural resources they basically get pushed around and bullied by Countries like america and the UK (Global Poverty. National Geographic …show more content…
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