What Is Happiness Is A Feeling Of Life Determines If They Will Be Happy

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What’s next? Happiness is a feeling that everyone tries to achieve, yet some people sometimes only capture portions of it. Brian Doyle states in his essay, “Irreconcilable Dissonance:” “every marriage is being pregnant with divorce (309).” In Doyle’s essay divorce is becoming common among many couples today most couples are putting less effort into making a relationship/marriage work. There are many couples who get married, and most of them know that if the marriage does not work that divorce is always an option. With divorce in their back of their mind they give themselves an option to get out when not content. In addition Eduardo Porter states in his essay, “What Is Happiness:” “people’s quality of life determines if they will be happy (457).” Porter states that happiness is determined by people’s qualities in their life. People who experience positive perspectives on life are overall to have a healthier body. Happy people are able to overcome most illnesses because they live a happy stress free life (457). Also in Kate Chopin’s essay, “The Story of an Hour:” she discovers happiness when she gets the results of her husband dying in a car accident, happiness over powered her body and killed her (398). While many people are getting married as a way to fulfill their life by becoming one, some couples struggle with the feeling of happiness, wondering if their marriage will last.
Marriage has been around since the beginning of time and in this generation several marriages…

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