What Is Hamilton's Aspirations In Modern American Culture

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Aspiring Success

A reflection of Hamilton’s past ambitions that are represented in modern American culture today, would be aspiring success amongst the millennial generation. Hamilton’s era is very distinguished in the millennial generation because of the young strive. Most young people are hard-headed and stubborn but on the other hand, still have the knowledge of accomplishing their success. Hamilton was young, faced struggles, had an adequately amount of knowledge, still aspired success and accomplished it in his own fashion. Him setting this trend gives the younger generation encouragement to follow their dreams and aspirations with a concept of their own. In other words, no matter the start of a journey, faith and perseverance determine the end.
Exploring Hamilton’s background, it portrays that he did not have the typical childhood.
He experienced so much devastation with his environment and parents. His parents we separated, his mother passed, and his next of kin committed suicide. Having to deal with
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Hamilton states, “The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish.” Going back to the younger generation, this statement describes how they are starting their journey off of their knowledge and shaping their character through experiences. The mentality of the young people is to let them encounter situations to learn on their own. Hamilton exemplifies this behavior because in the Musical Hamilton Aaron Burr says to Hamilton “And while we're talking let me offer you some free advice, talk less”. Essentially, it is known that the millennial generation does not listen. While this is want most people perceive but it doesn’t matter their outlook because the young people turn out to be successful with their ignorance. Hamilton proves being stubborn and not following certain rules sometimes brings good

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