What Is Cultural Competence And How Can It Be Gained? Essay

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What is cultural competence and how can it be gained? Intercultural competence is the ability to be sensitive, reflective, tolerant, and efficient during interactions with individuals of different cultures (Behrnd & Porzelt, 2012). Arasaratnam and Doerfel (2005) identify having prior cross-cultural experiences, a global understanding of culture without ethnocentrism, and listening skills that allow one to be proficient in cross-cultural communication as important components of intercultural competence. Intercultural competency is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity for individuals entering and existing in the workforce (Hunt, 2001). Other valuable skills and understandings can emerge as indications of the acquisition of cultural competence. Understanding another cultures concept of time, acceptable exchanges of pleasantries, communication hierarchies, and how to communicate effectively through understanding the culture’s dependence on context are important for being able to be respectful, open, and effective when working with individuals of other cultures (Johns & Thompson, 2010; Levine & Garland, 2015). The working world is becoming more globalized than ever with the movement of populations for a large variety of reasons and the connections that advanced technology has created. In order for individuals to make successful connections with other co-workers and companies to grow the existing workforce and move it forward, a level of understanding about other…

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