What Is Blood Thickening Of Cats? Essay example

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What is Blood Thickening in Cats?

Polycythemia vera, or erythrocytosis, is a condition that causes the blood to thicken due to an abnormal increase in the concentration or number of red blood cells in the cat 's body. This increase normally occurs in the cat 's blood marrow where the blood cells are produced. There are several different types of the condition. Correctly identifying the specific type of polycythemia vera in the cat is essential in proper treatment.

Blood thickening typically occurs in older cats and can give vague symptoms that are often seen in other conditions. Because of this, it 's important for cat owners to be aware of their cat 's normal habits and seek help when abnormal symptoms or habits occur.

Symptoms of Blood Thickening in Cats

Symptoms typically develop slowly over time and become chronic.

Breathing difficulties
Loss of appetite or refusing to eat
Exercise intolerance
Redness of skin or small, red spots on skin
Nose bleeds
Frequent urination
Increased thirst
Vision difficulties
Brick red or pale mucous membranes

There are three main types of polycythemia vera, which can be broken down further into subtypes.

Relative polycythemia
Transient polycythemia
Absolute polycythemia, primary
Absolute polycythemia, secondary

Causes of Blood Thickening in Cats

Though it 's not always possible to identify the cause of polycythemia vera in cats, accurately describing the cat 's symptoms can help the…

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