Essay about What Is A Foundation?

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What is a foundation?
A foundation is a non-profit organization that supports charitable activities in order to serve a common good. Foundations are often created from contributions made by individuals, families or even corporations. Foundations can make investments from the money donated and later issue grants and various types of support through operating essential programs. Foundation focuses on the objectives through which they are formed. However, some foundations have a general welfare program through which they induce support whenever an emergent need surges like famine or hunger.
The formation of foundation must have clear guidelines, aims and objectives in order to be relevant to woo investors.
Local Foundations in Kenya
1. Safaricom Foundation
Safaricom Foundation is a corporate foundation owned by Safaricom Kenya Limited. Having been established in 2003 by Safaricom Limited, it one of the largest corporate foundations in Kenya. Since inception, it is estimated to have invested Ksh 1.8 billion in charitable works and donations.
Safaricom foundation has invested in various areas ranging from education, health, economic empowerment, environmental conservations, art and culture, music and sports. It has also been in the forefront in responding to disasters and humanitarian emergencies.
Safaricom Foundation Core Objectives
The following are Safaricom Objectives;
 Improving common welfare of people by enhancing and facilitating access to healthcare, water and…

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