Essay on What I Never Had Friends When I Was Younger

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I never really had friends when I was younger. I was picked on and bullied. In the third grade I made my first few friends but ended up losing them when my family moved. I didn’t know how to make friends, or how to interact properly with other people. My social abilities took time to build but I was eventually able to build relationships with others in time. Friends came and went throughout my life and I slowly got used to figuring out how other people worked.
I’ve made a lot of good friends, and bad ones as well. I couldn’t really tell who was negative influence in my life because I just wanted to have a friend. As a result, I formed unhealthy relationships with people just for their companionship. My most recent friend like this is a girl we’ll call “Alice”. Somehow she’s become one of my best friends but I’m not entirely sure why.
I first started spending time with Alice when she started dating one of my best friends at school. It was a casual relationship and was probably more physical than emotional. It didn’t last long and then she started dating both of my best friends on and off. But because they were my best friends and I spent most of my time with them, I had to spend my time around her as a result. Now she’s dating one of my best friends and I can’t spend time with him without her there. I end up going everywhere with her now: my friends’ houses, my house, restaurants, the mall, everywhere.
There were many things about her that were problematic. She’s a very…

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