Essay on What I Know About A Fun Time

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She called me her friend a lot, which always made me feel guilty for not doing the same. We’d actually been friends for a time, and then it was just easier to say we were friends instead of actually saying that we had almost nothing in common and made each other uncomfortable. I think that’s because the familiar is easy enough and I didn’t want to put any effort into saying anything that might make her upset.
Sure, I was called for help a few times, I stayed up telling her that everything would look better in the morning, hugged her when she cried about things that neither of us remember now. But our friendship, if that’s what it was, was just her talking to me when she had no one else.
Looking back, I don’t really know how we were ever friends. It was before we were teenagers, so maybe we had some connection then, but by high school, we had very different ideas of a fun time. She didn’t think I knew about most of the drugs, but I was never as naïve as she thought. I wouldn’t have been able to do anything if she’d been up front, and her hiding it almost made me think that she cared about what I would have thought. Or maybe she thought I wouldn’t know what half the things were and she’d have to explain to me the exact process for snorting cocaine or taking LSD. I prefer to think it was the former, it paints a better memory of her. She had this energy about her that drew people to her. She was as beautiful and awe inspiring as a shining star and it seemed like she had the…

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