What I Have Learned By Watching The Planet Earth Essay

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This paper will take the reader through a summary of what I have learned by watching the Journey To Planet Earth Video Series. Summary Of The Journey To Planet Earth Video series. In the video series Journey to Planet Earth, host Matt Damon takes us on a frightening journey that aims to teach us how humans are tipping the balance of our delicate ecosystem.
This is done in a way that helps viewers understand the seriousness of these environmental issues, but it also gives us hope for the future by offering ways that we can cope with the reality that humans have done critical environmental damage to our world, and will continue to do so without a fundamental transformation in the way we think, live and behave in the 21st century.
The full series consists of 14 programs that extend beyond physical science but dive into anthropology, politics, economic, sociological and historical perspectives.
In class we covered the following episodes. Episode 13: Extreme Realities, Episode 08: State of the Planet, Episode 02: Urban Explosion, Episode 05: Seas of Grass, Episode 09: State of the Planet 's Wildlife, Episode 03: Land of Plenty, Land of Want, and Episode 01: Rivers of Destiny.
Episode 13: Extreme Realities: This episode deals with how climate change is increasing the magnitude of severe weather, and creating national security threats. Christian Parenti is an investigative journalist. He reports from the most treacherous war zones in the world. We find that his translator…

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