What I Have Learned About My Behavior From The Past, Present, And My Future

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Throughout the semester, I have learned a numerous of useful and helpful things in this course. I have learned about my behaviors from the past, present, and how to develop myself better in the future. Based on Marcia’s theory of identity and status, I believe that I am in achievement because I have a high level of commitment to my choice of major which is computer science and it has always been something that I ever loved since I was a kid. The only possibility that might cause me to switch major is when companies stop hiring computer science major or pay extremely bad. Other than that, I highly doubt I would switch my current major for any other reasons.
In my opinion, I do believe that my gender, environment, and cultural background has influenced my self-perception to a great degree. From personal experiences, my gender has influenced me to become an independent person and to treat women with the greatest respect. From this class, I have learned ¬that my gender could have an effect on my future career. For example, there are inequalities in promotion among men and women happening everywhere in this world and I think that is just unfair. As for the environment, it also has a tremendous amount of influences on me as well. Personally, I have lived in both tough and safe environments and each of them has taught me many different things in my life including both good and bad. It has sharpened me to become the person who I am today. For example, the tough environment has…

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