Essay On Childhood And Adulthood

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Childhood or Adulthood?
Not all families work out. There are always problems that go unheard or unsaid during marriage. We just tend to find out when we start spending one week with our mothers and the following one with our fathers. I thought I was going to have the family that everyone envied, the one that everyone looked up to and said, “Can you look at them; they have been married for 25 years.” My family did not win any of Mr. Wonka’s golden tickets is something I would say. Along with a divorce there comes great responsibility. The oldest sibling always carries the burden on her shoulders. According to Ellen Scolnic author of Guiding Children of Divorce: JCFS Helps Kids Shed Responsibility of a Parent’s Problems asserted, “Children are
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They want to protect their younger sisters and brothers and do so by making sure they are okay and being compassionate towards them. It can bring out a maturity and strength beyond their years. Especially girls. Some are quite happy to take the role of nurturer and see dad or mum not being around as a sign to take on more responsibility. They want to do it and show support to the resident parent.
Not many people like the thought of being accountable for so much. “School personnel,” declares Patricia Shaw assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Poinl, “will want to keep a watchful eye on children of divorce for signs of need, such as complaints of hunger, lack of seasonally appropriate clothing, poor hygiene, and lack of sleep”. Although these are signs and symptoms of a divorce victim, they are able to have empowerment with the ability to transform those dilemmas into teachable moments (Shaw). Yes, you lose the feeling of being a child because you are now placed in shoes that only carry burdens, but you end up learning. Responsibility at an early age becomes a teaching experience. Responsibility at an early age should show you what mistakes not to make as you age because you have already had

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