Essay on What I Experienced Was Tartarus On Earth

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What I experienced was Tartarus on earth. The Nazi’s who imprisoned us were sadistic and terrible. The smell of death hung in the air, bodies dangled by ropes tied around their necks, nowhere was safe, and hope was a thing long abandoned. Jews were nothing, less than dogs. In the camps, there was no humanity or hope. My captors were cold and many enjoyed our torture. Women, children, men, it mattered not to the Nazis who received punishment. Only the strong or skilled had any chance at survival, so long as they were useful. Somehow even after all hope was lost the walls of the camps were torn down. Finally, justice could be had and the captors could experience the same punishment the Jews experienced. But this is not the justice the world needs to heal, instead the people should look to the kingdom of heaven and not repeat this hellacious cycle. It is in the greatest interest of mankind to choose to forgive and help heal those who were unjust, instead of treating them with a different injustice. To let go of the hate and the desire for vengeance within the hearts of the victims so that they themselves will be free of the injustice in their hearts. For the world to move forward it must not erase the terrible history, but learn and become stronger because of it. Love is the greatest gift the world could give to the Nazis for it will be the greatest Justice of all.
It is important for the sake of the reader’s understanding that I make it clear what crimes and injustices of the…

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