What I Come From Food Essay examples

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Where I come from food is a luxury everyone needs to admire and enjoy that is what my family taught me. I grew up in an atmosphere where seafood is the main plate, as we say there. Our gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet, but with our touch of uniqueness. We, without any doubt, one of the most famous and awarded gastronomy of Spain. The cuisine of Basque Country is a very different cuisine from the United States of America.
In our region there is, at least, four restaurants with three Michelin Stars (which is the most prestigious award in the world of cuisine): Lasarte-Oria of Martin Berasategui, Larrabetzu Azurmendi of Eneko Atza, Akelarre of Pedro Subijana and Arzak San Sebastian of Juan Maria Arzak.
As an athlete, I know that nutrition is nearly a 70% or 80% of my performance. Therefore, I need to be really strict and meticulous with what I eat and drink. One of the most prestigious chefs in the Basque Country, Karlos Arguiñano states that every athlete performs according to his or her nutrition, which means, if the nutrition is optimal to his or her physical level, then the athlete will perform as he or she pleases as Karlos emphasizes in the book: 2000 Guias de Alimentacion y Nutricion. This contrasts with the cuisine of the United States. The American cuisine, in my opinion, corresponds to an interesting varied mix of other cuisines, due to the variety of ethnicities and culture, because it is a country created mainly of immigrants from different countries in…

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