What I Come From A Mixed Race Family Essay

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I come from a mixed race family, my mom is black and my dad is white. My two siblings are significantly lighter than I am, which brings about a lot of social controversy. I remember one day my sister came home, she was around four or five unaware of her complexion. She came in, sat my grandmother down like she was about to tell her the world 's biggest secret and said, "Nana, did YOU KNOW that I 'm BLACK?" It amazed me how she didn 't know she was black when she comes home to a black family every day; but then it dawned on me she 's so use to other black people judging her based on her color she believed she was white. We all watch those funny YouTube videos about the light skin vs. dark skin debate and how African Americans with a lighter complexion are better than those with a darker one, we think they are hilarious, right? But do we really know how they affect us and our culture? Colorism by definition is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. When I was very little there was this song much like a nursery rhythm that I remember kids use to sing: “If you’re black, stay back; if you’re brown, stick around; if you’re yellow, you’re mellow; if you’re white, you’re all right.”
I remember it very well because of how much it bothered me. Why was it that something you can 't control, something as minuscule as the color of your skin regulates your worth? But that…that has been a…

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