Essay on What God And Jesus Mean?

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What God and Jesus mean to me. Christianity has many questions that can only be answered with a true relationship with God, Jesus and yourself. Knowing God as well as Jesus will help you understand how and why you feel the way you do. Having a good relationship with you self allows you to be open to having a relationship with Jesus and understanding why God made you the way you are. Finding your true self will open up new roads that you never knew existed. The baby steps we take in faith will lead you to the Kingdom of heaven and eternal salvation.
(Hebrews 2:3) “how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him.”

The question of who God is, is a question with many different answers depending on who is answering it. For the non-believer God is nothing more a human fabrication a myth so to speak. The bible is nothing more than a fairy story. To the Christian Believer God is much more than that. God is the creator of all living thing, he is the authority in which life is lived and he is our salvation. God created the havens and the Earth with a plan in mind. He wanted to have a place to walk among his people and to share his divine truth. He created Adam and Eve in his image and provided them a place to live with him. It was not until the first sin was committed that God’s plan changed. With this change came pain, suffering and Sin. With Sin came the mon believer.…

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