What Factors Might An Entrepreneurship Analysis

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What Factors Might an Entrepreneur Consider When Trying to Identify an Opportunity for a New Enterprise?

In nowadays society, entrepreneurs are the key roles in a market economy. More and more young people desire to become entrepreneurs and have their own business. It is attractive to be an entrepreneur. But the way to becoming an entrepreneur is difficult and full of risks and challenges so that it is not everyone can be an entrepreneur. To start a new business, entrepreneurs should think of the company’s structure and plans. A successful entrepreneur can combine innovation and creation to build a new enterprise.

Entrepreneurship can be simply defined as the process of starting a new business. In 19th century, Say, who was a French economist,
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For entrepreneurs, one of the vital problem is accessing credit to start new business. Entrepreneurs have few opportunities to gain access to credit for many reasons. When they get the credits, it is often a small amount.

However, Rahman (2013) said that “the popularity of the micro-credit strategy propelled a global movement toward making micro-loans available to people all over the world.” By this way, entrepreneurs get chances to start or progress their business for making profit and better lives (Brana, 2008). The relationship between financial credit and entrepreneurship is very tight and positive. In the USA, Rahman (2013) has found that entrepreneurial activity can be affected positively by financial credit.

Entrepreneurship is gradually becoming popular in nowadays society. It also plays an important role when a country is developing industrialization and economic growth. Several studies have found that entrepreneurs were affected by government’s policies, the ability to enterprise, and financial support. The government not only can encourage entrepreneurs to start new enterprise but also can protect entrepreneurs’ innovation. The ability to enterprise is necessary to an entrepreneur and can provide likelihood to succeed in new business. To be a leader, it is necessary to be clear about every part of business. In addition to the policies and ability to enterprise, financial is one of the crucial factors
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