What Factors And Losses Affect The Older Adults? Essay

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What factors and losses may contribute to depression in older adults?

As people age, a lot of changes occur that may not necessarily be so easy to handle. One huge change that most of the time people look forward to being retirement. With retirement comes a loss of work responsibilities. People may feel like they are less important once they retire, because they no longer have these work roles. Most of the time, older adults have worked nearly their whole life, and with the loss of these work roles, they may not know their place in society any longer. Along with retirement, older adults may face a financial decline, which can also put a stress on someone, and can eventually lead to depression. Other losses that occur as people age is the loss of family and close friends. This may then lead to feelings of loneliness. Loss of a spouse is also a loss that occurs that can be traumatic for an older adult. Even being mentally prepared for these losses and changes in life, does not necessarily mean that they will be ready when this does happen.

Describe the circumstances that contribute to older adults with depression not being diagnosed and not receiving adequate treatment?

One reason that depression may not be diagnosed in older adults is for a lack of willingness to seek treatment. Older adults are less likely to seek help and treatment, even if they may be aware that they are suffering from depression. Another reason that depression may not being treated is maybe for a lack…

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