What Exactly Is Your Controlling Purpose? Essay

1283 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Taking a Look Back “What exactly is your controlling purpose?” I got asked this question so many times by my peers, my instructor, and even the tutors at the writing center to the point where it got frustrating to try and explain. Then I realized, my controlling purposes for all three of my interpretive essays were vague and confusing for my audience to understand. Because of my controlling purposes being confusing, the rest of my paper subsequently wasn’t coherent for my audience. But, the revision period came at the perfect time to begin revisions on my essays. Throughout this reflective project, I would like to touch on several things. I would like to reflect on choices I made throughout my essays and how they related to my rhetoric situation, the way my writing was influenced by the social nature as well as the collaborative process, and lastly how my writing works ethically to respond to others. There are many choices that I made throughout my essays. These choices I made related to my rhetoric situation. They are also affected by my purpose, audience, and context. A major choice I made in my first essay was to explain why Hingston would describe the economic stand point of cremation vs. a burial method. I said, “But, why does Hingston give us these facts first as opposed to the religion portion or the technology portion in her article? I think she made this choice in her article because people are trying to save as much money as possible, and by putting facts about…

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