What Effect Does A Lack Of Education Have On Society? Essay

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What effect does a lack of education have on society? There are numerous factors to attribute to our socioeconomic issues. Some people may blindly assume and place blame on controversial issues such as; lack of religion, persons originating from other cultures and countries, or drug addiction epidemic. While some assumptions may or may not be true, there is one factor to blame everyone can agree on -education. Society lacks proper education, thus deeply impacting our economy, crime rates, and family dynamic. The absence of education of individuals undoubtedly effects the economy by increasing the unemployment, poverty, and government aid dependency rates. Poverty affects socioeconomic status (SES) by lowering the social standing or class of those without financial stability. Incompletion of high school consequently increases a person’s chance of living in poverty. Dropouts experienced a poverty rate of 30.8 percent, while those with at least a bachelor’s degree had a poverty rate of 13.5 percent (Breslow, 2012). An inability to gain employment is sometimes caused by not possessing a high school diploma or degree. As a result, individuals and families become dependent upon government programs and assistance, such as Families First or Section 8 Housing that offers cash assistance, discounted childcare, and discounted housing while ensuring the individual’s income remains low, making it difficult to escape the cycle of poverty. Most programs are faulty in design and lack…

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