What Does You Know About Your Favorite Cousin? Essay

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Finally, a chance to sit down. Between Fatty’s complaining and Little Miss Chatterbox nonstop talking, I thought I would never get the opportunity to relax. Good thing they have these beach chaise lounge chairs are here because if they weren’t I would’ve been left. All I have to do now is close my…
“Fancies meeting you here,” Naomi smiled, taking the seat next to mine. She had on a pink string bikini that look like it would fall off as soon as she hit the water.
Oh my… What does she want? “We were told to meet up here, so it’s really not,” I sputtered, hoping she doesn’t stay over here for too long. Or at least not talk to me. “And why are you over here with boring old me when the others are playing in the water? Wouldn’t you rather mess around with them?”
“Is that anyway to treat your favorite cousin?”
And she’s still pretending we’re cousins. This chick is crazier than I thought. “Right, you’re my supposedly favorite cousin. How could I ever forget?”
A twisted grin appeared on her face. “So you finally figured out who I am.”
“No, I still don’t remember who you are, but I know we’re not cousins,” I said, hoping this conversation, or her being over here for that matter, doesn’t last much longer. “So let me ask, why did you lie for?”
“Did you not read the mood?” she asked, sitting up to face me. “Everyone was about to destroy you and I couldn’t watch my love get beat down to a pulp.”
Your love? I know she ain’t talking about me. “Yea, I warn you to walk away now before I…

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