What Does You Do Your Senses? Essay

1366 Words Sep 11th, 2016 6 Pages
The choice of having to give up one of our five senses is a difficult one. Some individuals lose a sense of theirs all the time, whether they have lost it from an accident, from old age, or a plethora of other reasons a person may have lost one of their senses. Over the course of this assignment, I thought about it very carefully and all the senses seem to relate in some way; therefore giving up one sense is like giving up another. No matter which sense you choose to lose, the world as you know it will undoubtedly change. I first approached my 67 year old grandfather with the choice of giving up one of his five senses. My grandpa if completely deaf in one ear and must wear a hearing aid in the other in order to hear when others talk to him or do other daily activities, but even then his hearing is limited. He also has lost feeling in both of his hands due to years and years of doing rigorous physical jobs throughout his life. Given his situation of already having two senses handicapped, I thought his opinion on the matter would be of interest. When asked which sense would he prefer to lose he quickly and sarcastically responded “Ya perdí mi sentido del tacto, mija.” which translates to “I’ve already lost my sense of touch.” He spoke of how his other senses such as sight, smell, and taste were too important to give up. Sight, he said, is the most important because how else would he see his family grow or watch his favorite movies. He valued smell and taste as well, by going…

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