What Does The Word Love Mean? Essay

759 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
What does the word Love mean? Is it a feeling, or an action? Is there more than one kind of love? In the short story created by Annie Proulx, the overall category of it could be described as a love story. The story is about two people who take a job and work together over the summer. The two people who at first start as just friends end up falling in love and having sexual a sexual relationship throughout their summer together. The two end up going their own different ways because despite their hopes, they know their love would never be able to work out. This is the basis of the story Brokeback mountain, and to anyone hearing this for the first time, they would say it is the beginning of a classical love story. So it is interesting to see how people react when there is a realization that the relationship in the story is between two men, not a man and a woman. Although many people still believe Brokeback Mountain is a gay love story, one can see through facts and reviews that this story is actually just a love story. “...the central issue...is whether this is a gay love story, or a story for everyone.”(Block, Richard). This quote from Richard Block describes the emphasis of this essay. Why is it that this story is seen not as a love story, but a gay one. In the article form Robin Wood he talks about how during the movie release came out, during the kissing scenes, people from all around the country would storm out of the theater groaning and angry at what they just saw.…

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