Essay What Does The Text Say Exactly?

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“What did the text say exactly?” Stef says, with a slight shake in her voice

“It said hey Brandon, don 't let moms worry but I am not coming home. I 'll explain more later.”

“We can track her phone!”

“Already tried, it 's off.” Lena says holding up her phone to the ‘find your friends app’

“Damn it.” Stef whispers under her breath.

“I don 't understand why she did this?”

“I was late picking her up.”

“You forgot?”

“Of course I didn 't forget, I just got caught up with the Donald drama and lost track of time. I was late, I didn 't forget.”

“Okay well, what should we do?” Lena said, trying to stay calm.

“Obviously go look for her.” Stef asserted, picking up her keys and giving Lena a look to follow her.

“What about the other kids?”

“Jesus and Brandon can watch Callie for a little bit, it will be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am.”

Lena and Stef explained their plan to Brandon and Jesus, and they generously agreed to watch Callie. The moms swiftly left the house and started driving around town. They stopped at all of Marianas friends houses, nobody has heard from her since school ended. Stef’s worry was growing, as while as Lena’s but nether of them spoke.

“So we have looked around school, at her friends houses and her grandparents bakery any other ideas?” Stef finally said

“Not really, It 's Mariana she has a wild imagination and is very smart, she could be in Mexico by now for all we know.”

“Lena don 't say that.” Stef says, glaring at her wife…

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