What Does The Personality Traits And Features Essential. Maintaining Business Success?

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To what extent are the personality traits and features essential in maintaining business success?
Success means living a life you are feeling proud of in retrospect. Achieving success is a complex multimodal process which cannot be accurately defined. There is no single algorithm which would lead a human to success. Even though a number of psychologists worked to derive a formula which would lead people to it, there are millions of factors which would always cause concerns about trustworthiness of that particular strategy. It requires a lot of personal work and an ability to cognize and sort own feelings, advantages and superpowers. This ability overlaps with the term of self-regulation, which can be defined as the ability to monitor and control our own behavior, emotions, or thoughts, altering them in accordance with the demands of the situation (Joan and Greg Cook, 2014). It is important to conceive significance of individual’s character and the role of personality traits in perceiving success as a businessperson. This research aims to explain the reasons why it is important and the methods which allow managing business from psychological and creative approach. Especially with the early 2000s’ advent of the Internet and modern technologies which brought many changes and entirely modified the world of business. This cause stimulated people to adapt to their new roles in this whole process as they didn’t have any other choice. The same thing is happening with psychology and…

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