What Does Online Gaming Bring? Essay

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What Does Online Gaming Bring to Us? Online gaming becomes so popular these days that people spend a lot of time on playing online games. Second Skin talks about how Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) influence people’s lives. They provide gamers with a platform to create fictitious characters and start new lives in the game (Second Skin). Even though some people believe that online gaming only brings negative impacts on relationships, because some gamers have strong addictions to lose total connections to the society and the online relationships are not credible all the time, online gaming also brings positive impacts on social life. Gamers devote much time to the game, some of them even replace the real world with the virtual world, and the interactions between gamers in the game are even considered as real social relationships. Gamers can actually gain reliable social relationships from the virtual world of gaming because they can certainly present their real selves, and interact with other gamers naturally in the game just like in reality.
People can gain real and true online relationships, and even turn online relationships into real world ones, because people can show how they really are without real life pressure when interacting with others online. MMORPGs provide a world where people cannot judge each other by any physical shortage, and players are all the same online (Second Skin). For example, in reality people are often judged by their…

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