What Does It Mean to Be Human Essay

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What does it mean to be Human?

By Rudy Trevino Origin, meaning, morality and destiny. These are not just random words attached to the big questions of life raised by humanity in the context of traversing in, what to many is, a mundane existence. The questions of where we came from, what the meaning of our existence is, whether there is such a thing as wrong or right and what is to become of us when we die, are questions that might makes us wonder what it means to be human. Is a robot human when human intelligence is imported into its memory so as to give it the ability to speak and listen? It could be programmed to ask someone how they are feeling today, but will that make it human?
As a boy, I recall time spent playing with
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After all, if we came from mud or monkeys, then we would have to admit there isn’t much we can draw from to make our children feel special. We all know that things and animals don’t reason like we do. Our conscious convinces us that we are of a higher order; our intellectual abilities should not be compared to that of the animals because there aren’t any that construct reality like we do. Not even monkeys.
So the question I sought to discover as a boy was, how can I can become human? As a youngster I read Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankel and others that promulgated the process of actualization or the search for truth. I like, many others, craved the fullness of humanity, even at a very young age. I believed that was the reason the movie Ghandi was such an awesome success, because in Ghandi we were presented with a contemporary figure of one who expressed humanity to the masses.
We’ve given being “human” a bad name. When somebody does something wrong, we usually say, Oh, he’s only human. Yet, a wrong done against someone will be generally construed as in-humane. The wrongs that we do to one another are what diminish our humanity. The more we do wrong, the less human we are. Here was a lesson for me as a boy: I wanted more than anything else to strip myself of all those things that dehumanized me. I wanted to get along better with my brothers. I wanted to obey my

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