Essay on What Does It All Mean?

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An analysis of some philosophical issues that the humanity have been questioning since the beginning of all times is presented by Thomas Nagel in his book What does it all mean. His approaches to that issues give a possible answer to the dilemmas about life, death or morality. His opinions are expressed in a very easy manner, and his examples are daily life situations that allows the reader to identify himself with Philosophy. In my work I will be discussing three chapters of the book. The first one refers to the intrinsic nature of our knowledge, what is the source of our ideas? Is our existence a projection of our mind? The second one refers to our capacity of free will, are we actually free of saying or doing whatever we want to do? Who decide what is right or wrong? And the third one is an analysis about the meaning of life, why is our life important? What is the sense of living? Questions like these are an invitation to search for a reasonable explanation, but since Philosophy is such a complex thing, we would never find the correct answer, instead, we will choose the best answer that suits our beliefs and experiences.
How do we know anything? What is supposed to be real and what is not? And if everything is in our mind, why do we care? Trying to figure out if the mind have the overall control over the mere concept of our existence is like trying to solve a paradox. The opinion of each one, conditioned by their experiences and acquired thought, is going to point to a…

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