Essay on What Does Homeowner 's Insurance Actually Cover?

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In general, insurance is a pretty complicated topic. Yet most people know more about the intricacies of their health and auto insurance policies than they do about their homeowners insurance. Perhaps this is because so few people actually file claims on their homeowners policies. What does homeowner’s insurance actually cover? In the rare instance that you will need to file a claim, knowing the answer to that question is more important than you can ever imagine.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Typically Covers

It’s almost impossible to generalize about what a typical homeowners insurance policy covers. While there are common provisions from one policy to another, exactly what is covered can vary from state to state, and based on the type of policy that you choose.

But more specifically, a homeowners insurance policy only covers perils that are specifically listed as covered events in the policy. Or put another way, if a certain disaster is not listed as a covered event, you will not be able to make a claim should it happen.

Some of the more common covered perils include the following:

Fire and smoke damage
Weather related damage, such as wind damage or hail
Water damage from internal sources, but not from flooding
Theft of personal property
Damage caused by snow or ice on the roof (such as a collapse)
Damage from civil disturbances
Explosions (like gas explosions)
Damage caused by motor vehicles or aircraft
Most homeowners insurance policies will also include a…

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