What Does Hamilton Mean By The Sword Or The Purse? Essay

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My initial thoughts on this quote were, “What does Hamilton mean by the ‘sword or the purse’?” After reading his quote a few more times, I understood that he was implying that the judicial branch has no authority over the power or the finances of society. It seems that Hamilton felt as if these are the foundations of society and that as long as the judiciary branch has no power over these factors, then it can pose no threat and cause no harm; therefore, being the least dangerous branch. Hamilton is wrong, because while this particular branch may not have direct power over these elements of society, at the end of the day the judicial branch has overview on all laws and the constitutionality of those laws. While each branch has a diverse specific purpose, they also have their own powers and definitely their own dangers if any one was to ever become too powerful.
The legislative branch is headed by congress, which includes the house of representatives and the senate. It is mainly tasked with creating laws. This branch can also pass bills, impeach officials, and approve treaties. The direct popular vote determines congressional members. Member of the senate are elected based on a statewide vote and member of the house of representatives are elected by voters in each congressional district. States take a census every ten years which determines population and the apportionment of congressional districts, which is based on the most recent census.
The executive branch, which is…

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