What Does Globalization Exist? Essay

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What is globalization?
There are various definitions of globalization reflecting different theories, perspectives or boundaries of interest. This week’s readings contain several such definitions or descriptions, and there are many others in alternate literature.
The term itself is relatively young compared with the concepts it describes. The word “globalization” was in use in the social sciences by the 1960s, possibly having been coined as early as the 1930’s. (Chanda, 2008, Contents, Chapter 8; Mr Globalization, 2010, third paragraph).
At their broadest, however, the concepts being described under the umbrella of globalization have ancient roots. Early human migration likely featured inter-regional cultural interactions, including interbreeding, even between modern humans and more ancient hominid species (Smithsonian, n.d.). Trade was widespread across the then known worlds for many centuries BC in the Greek and Roman eras (Cartwright, 2012; Department of Ancient Near Eastern Art, 2000).
However, what tends to distinguish globalization as we recognize it today from its antecedents are factors such as scale, speed of evolution, breadth of application and impact, and rules of engagement.
The scale of globalization today is both truly worldwide and multi-dimensional. While there are small sub-cultures that remain relatively isolated, for example some remaining tribal highlanders in Papua-New Guinea, the vast majority of the Earth’s population is now affected by globalization…

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