What Does Chemical Fertilizers Are Destroying Your Body, Soil, And Your Food

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At the supermarket there are plenty of vitamins that claim to do this and that, while also vitamins come in food also ,one does not know which one is better.We owe this to doctor william fletcher who discovered the vitamins. He was doing research on the disease of beriberi,and that is when he notice food had some type of nutrients in it.
Foods such as vegetables and fruits are a major carrier of vitamins. The question is are they actually healthy for us ? Farmers now use many fertilizers and chemicals to make them grow faster and bigger.The article”how chemical fertilizers are destroying your body ,soil,and your food,” stated that fruits and vegetables have significantly more antioxidants ,polyphenols,and enzymes .Meaning that they will be less packed with the nutrients.We are basically eating modernised food,some with growing hormones that pass through our body.
If fruits were to be grown again organically ,which ones would be the ones containing more vitamins ? It will probably be a mixture of all of them. There is not a single fruit or vegetable that contains all vitamins and nutrients that a body requires. That is why we should have a mixed diet to take more advantage of all of them. Our body needs tiny amounts of vitamins and we can acquire by eating different foods.
There are different vitamins to chose from and knowing which one you need might be a little complicated. For example vitamin a helps you with your vision,skin,bone growth and immune system. This is because…

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