What Does A Student Be An Active Participant? Essay

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Our primary Research Question was: What influences a student to be an active participant in their classes? In order to attempt to answer this question, we came up with six questions (apart from also collecting general demographics) we wanted to ask students around the NAU Flagstaff campus. We ended up interviewing 26 undergraduate students. We found our participants throughout campus- some of us stood in the academic student union, the north campus dining area, south campus outside the business college, and outside the social and behavioral sciences building. We decided that this would give us a good variety of the majors/ages of our participants. Our six questions were: 1. Do you consider yourself an active participant in class? 2. What kinds of classes are you taking? (labs/electives/lectures/blended) 3. Are there specific classes that you feel more involved in than others? 4. What makes you to participate or be more involved in class? OR What makes you not want to participate or be involved in class? 5. Why did you choose your major? 6. How much time do you spend, on average, on your education outside of class per week? The demographics we collected on each participant were: 1. Age 2. Class Standing 3. Major/Minor 4. Gender For our data analysis we looked to find certain trends between those who said they were active participants, not always active, and not active, and the other data we collected. Some of the data didn’t seem to show any trends, like class standing,…

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