What Do You Want For Stop Doing? Essay

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What do you want to stop doing?
Despite of my achievements, there are also some weaknesses that I want to improve. When it comes to management, it is highly necessary to establish ground rules that must be followed so that order and discipline is maintained. With the increasing number of workforce in our company, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the new personnel and explain to them all the house rules that needs to be implemented. There are instances when I would overlook some of their concerns given all the tasks and responsibilities that I have to do. At some point, I would receive some feedback from human resources which says that some employees are complaining about poor management because of lack of transparency and employee engagement. This made me realize that I should stop relying too much on other people to discuss about my plans and communicate directly to my staff. In order to establish a strong emotional connection between me and the rest of the team, I need to understand them better by knowing their concerns and celebrating accomplishments with them.
I need to keep in mind that the company’s expansion is a sign that business is doing good but along with it comes new employees who are craving for attention and motivation. As much as possible I want to avoid lip service wherein I keep saying something that I do not normally do, instead I will attempt to practice what I preach and be more physically and emotionally involved with the people no matter how…

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