The Importance Of Electro Logic

Individuals are motivated differently and so Electro Logic must be able to incentivize and appeal to the wide range of its employees. In order to properly motivate new and continuing employees, it is imperative to find solutions for current and exiting employees in hopes of prevent a high employee turnover rate. Through various exiting interviews of employees from different departments it helps management see through the perspective of an employee. Following are examples of firsthand notes highlighting key employee thoughts and feelings toward work performance and the people involved.
For example Pat Klausen, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, says she enjoys her work, but the micromanaging and close supervision was an issue. She felt that
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Publications should be promoted because it gives the person making it more experience and allows for the person reading it to learn. These outcomes will help promote high self-efficacy as well as a high sense of achievement. Changes as such from management can stimulate motivation from Chris. He believes that his hard work and effort is not seen until the final outcome of the project is reached. This creates a sense of minimal self-worth because you have no motivation to work so hard when the work you do goes unnoticed. To improve this I believe transparency between the departments that work closely may help clear any barrier of information and improve …show more content…
J. Ginelli, Technician talks about his relationship with their supervisor and how performance appraisals influences work motivation. He feels that the appraisals are useful as to what is expected although it only occurs every 6 months. P.J feels that he is not part of the “important” people and that if the boss knows your name it could be a good or a bad thing when it comes to work performance and promotions. He believes that a promotion would not suite him because he likes doing what he does now and if he continues to get wage raises then why bother getting a promotion. He feels that he would not be able to adapt to high tech environments and possibly lead to negative consequences.
I believe that to motivate an employee in this situation management should be more available at all times even when deadlines and projects are overwhelming. Management needs to retrain supervisors to be able to do these meetings and help employees during high stress times and by doing so they will resupply employees with the resources needed to succeed. Supervisors need to be reinforce their employees in order to reward

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