Essay on What Do You Think About America?

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What do you think of America, when you think of America? If I ask the old me; the eleven-year-old me, to be specific, I would probably have responded baseball and hot dogs. However, having matured and moving to Brandeis University has made me see a bigger scope. I have become more aware of the cultural and ethnic differences that not only form our student body, but if you think about it, it is how I, and many of us, think of America today: as a diverse growing and cohesive population.

Throughout this week, as Immigration Awareness Week is happening, I ponder on the question of why some people still refuse to accept the new generations of immigrants? Why is everyone not open to the idea about new people arriving to the United States? Most immigrants come to the United States chasing after the American dream, in other words, a better life. It may sound cliché in this conversation, nonetheless, since, till this day, there are still closed-minded and exclusive forms of thinking towards undocumented immigrants, it must signify that the claim has not reached enough ears in order to become a cliché itself. I cannot avoid linking, aside from thinking it is ludicrous, the perception that undocumented immigrants do not belong in the United States, to the early history of this nation. Is that not what the first immigrants were searching for when they decided to settle in this unexplored land a few centuries ago? A better life?

I have come to realize that the subject is as polarizing…

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