Essay on What Do You Do As A Firm?

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a. Do you have a clear and compelling organizational Mission (WHAT you do as a firm)?
Beyond Fast Food’s mission is to allow busy families to eat healthy and fresh meals without worrying about preparing them themselves or the ingredients used. Our online kitchen is designed with a cutting edge technology to allow customers to pick their own ingredients and their own cooking style, and submit their orders to a physical restaurant to prepare their family meal for pickup. We want customers to have their meals the way they want whether baked, grilled, fried, unsalted, or however they chose. Our aim is to provide top quality and healthy meals that are beyond what is served by fast food restaurants or any regular restaurant that has a strict menu. We want to allow our customers to have the flexibility they need to make healthy choices by placing their orders online and by setting their own time to pick up their meals. We will provide the freshest, healthiest, and most varied ingredients our customers can chose from. With this system, we want to allow our customers to have more time for other activities and their families. We want people to achieve satisfaction in the food they eat and more importantly take control of what they can eat.

b. Do you have a clear and compelling organizational Vision (WHERE you want to be as a firm and by WHEN)?
Our vision is to be the best provider in healthy food and be the most affordable in the restaurant industry. We want to become the number…

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