Essay What Did You Learned Today?

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What did you learned today? Whether you attended school or watched television, you learned something today. What was it? Our human evolution has been successful because of our ability to learn. Our species has learned how to make hunting tools, light bulbs, cars, and spaceships. We have developed medicines that cure brutal diseases. On average, one additional year of education raises the enterprise income by 5.5 percent in developing areas (Van der Sluis). But, are our current educational systems supporting us in our full development as learners? As of August 2015, the public schools in 42 states have adopted the Common Core standards (“Standards in your state.”). Common Core creates guidelines for teachers who are, in turn, responsible for ensuring each student reaches these standards. The problem with Common Core is it assumes all learners are the same, but that is like saying every human is the same. Learning is subjective and a natural process. The country’s constant push to standardize the education system is making learning unnatural and therefore harder on both learners and teachers. Students, if allowed, will learn naturally. In order for teachers to successfully facilitate the highest level of student engagement, they must start with a dynamic delivery of background material and then become an observer. While the teacher observes, the students are immersed in an educational environment which includes student choice, exploration, and evaluation.
How can teachers…

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