What Connections Can You Draw Between This Topic And Contemporary Health Studies?

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1. What connections can you draw between this topic and contemporary health studies? ( in discussing connections, please mention any social, environmental, cultural or political connections that link health considerations with this film topic) There are many health concerns with how e-waste is being disposed of. The film talked about how the Chinese government didn’t want to show them what they were doing, because they knew it was wrong and didn’t want people to know it was happening. The film also talked about the living conditions these people lived in, the water was so bad that their drinking water had to be brought in, and these people has high miscarriage rates. This is and environmental problems, because it shows we are producing large amounts of e-waste and the only way to break it down is by harming the people doing it. It is also a environmental problem, because these waste are polluting the water, the air, they actually used the term Chinese Chernobyl, the only difference is people are working at the one in China, and not Chernobyl. Our government needs to keep better track of what shipments are going out and coming in, this could help reduce the e-waste numbers.

2. What policy considerations can you identify from the film?
I think there are a few policy considerations that need to be addressed from watching this film. One, shipping and receiving, many of these problems are caused from shipping our waste to other countries, even though it is illegal for…

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