Essay about What Changed The Way We Think?

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What changed the way we think?

Kaitlyn Huff

HIST 110-07
Professor Geraghty
October 15, 2014

The changing of the human intellect during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries can be contributed to multiple aspects that were seen during those time periods. There are three aspects in particular that can be said to have the most significant role in changing the way individuals of those times thought and their daily life, in general - royal societies, coffee-houses, and salons.
The intellect level was low, not many attended school and the ones who did attend school were mostly from the higher up class of society. Everyone followed and went by what was told to them by the King or the church. They had no reason to think otherwise about what they were being told or reasons to believe it was wrong. It wasn’t till the beginning of the Scientific Revolution when society started to question what they were being told. The Scientific Revolution gave England the light to a new era, all due to English thinkers coming up on the borders of the ancient knowledge they had been taught for so many years. What they were being to understand now about their world was more mathematical and materialist, not everything was being related back to the church. The new world science was described as materialist because they didn’t think of the planets as being some magical thing, they thought of it as made up of matter just like every other thing they had discovered in the universe…

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